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This Year’s Speakers


Doug Wilson

An author of many books and pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, ID


Andrew Torba

Michael Foster

Michael Foster

The pastor of East River Church and managing director of It’s Good to Be a Man

Aaron Renn

Aaron Renn

The founder of The Masculinist and host of the The Masculinist podcast

John Moody

John Moody

An expert in homesteading and author of books such as The Frugal Homesteader

Arthur Kwon Lee

Arthur Kwon LEE

An award winning artist and painter who proclaims “Christ as King over all art

Delano Squires

Delano Squires

A journalist and writer who has contributed to The Federalist, Founders Ministry, Blaze TV, and many other publications


Brian Sauve

A musician and pastor of Refuge Church in Ogden, UT

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Sessions by C.R. Wiley, Matt Trewella, George Grant, and others

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7 sessions and 2 panels spread out over 3 days with several hundred like minded Christians.